Koala Space

Koala - Static Website Generator

The project aims to create simple to use, scalable and fast static website generator.

Koala targets small to medium blog post sites with simple maintenance and lightning fast delivery speed.

Koala - Static Website Generator Screenshot

Koala is hosted on GitHub as an open-source project. You can bootstrap your website by using template project.

Learn with Koala

Objects, colours and numbers for kids 5-6 years old.

Learn with Koala Screenshot

The app aims to help with teaching of basic objects in an interactive form. Depending on age you can use either a native language or a foreign language. You can use the app remotely even from another continent.

RSS & Notes

Simple cloud-based RSS reader and notes app.

RSS & Notes Screenshot

Keep up-to-date with your news across your devices. Star favourite items for later reading. Use end-to-end encrypted notes that cannot be read by anyone else.